1991 Irish D.M.C. Championships

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Part of my winning set at the ’91 Irish DJ finals. The comps had been running worldwide since ’85 but we didn’t get our own heats till 1990. When all the dj’s got to the venue, the organizers had no table for the decks & mixer. We found an old fridge freezer in a store room, dragged it onstage, flipped it sideways and set the gear up on it.
Cutmaster Swift was one of the judges and played a blinder exhibition set after the results. DJ Sketch came in 2nd place and my old mix buddy (and ScaryEire member) Dada Sloosh took 3rd.


P-P-P-Pump me Up

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Buggin out late 90’s alongside Dj Tu-Ki.
Vestax 05 Pro and real vinyl 🙂


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Gettin busy on the new DJ Supreme feat. Icepick record “Arctic”.

Electro Mix at Phever F.M. Dublin 2017

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Went in on some Electro Jams at Phever F.M.
Thanks to Dean Sherry and Phever staff.

Support set at Slick Rick Dublin 2016

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Opened for Slick Rick The Ruler with some ’89 style mixtape vibes.
Off the cuff with Kool G Rap, Divine Styler, Public Enemy & Big Daddy Kane

U.K. Ragga Hip Hop Mix

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80 minutes of Hip Hop Reggae fusion from the London Underground.


Tracklist :
London Posse – Money Mad (remix)
K.J. Fling – Macka (I’ll slide You)
General Levy – Dem no wicked
Rodney P – Hip hop gangsta
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Break Mixx @ B&S Festival June 2016

Posted in Videos on July 29, 2016 by djmek

Funk Breaks @ Body & Soul festival Ireland.

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