U.K. Ragga Hip Hop Mix

80 minutes of Hip Hop Reggae fusion from the London Underground.


Tracklist :
London Posse – Money Mad (remix)
K.J. Fling – Macka (I’ll slide You)
General Levy – Dem no wicked
Rodney P – Hip hop gangsta

Merlin – Drop the weapon
MC Mello – Talk Dem Way
Demon Boyz – Recognition
Loose Ends – Dont be a fool (twilight remix)
Demon Boyz – Lyrical culture
Twilight Firm – Talkin outta my head
London Posse – How I make papes
London Posse – How’s life in london
Demon Boyz – Glimity Glamity
Asher D / Daddy Freddy – Raggamuffin hip hop
Force and K.Zee – Rude gals
Tenor Fly – Town ah run hot
London Posse – Sexy gal
Asher D / Prento Youth – Like a bike
Dj Daddy – DC jail
Gilly G – Sound the alarm
Black Radical MkII – Yuh dead now
Cash Crew – Ting called crack
Gunshot – Nobody move
Joe 90 – This is how it should be done
Midrange – Youths in the ghetto
Leslie Lyrics – Time
Prento Youth – No cocaine
Daddy Freddy – Talkin beatbox
Brother Congress – Ghettogedden (armshouse mix)
Asher D / Prento Youth – Seek
Sirus – Clubland (what a bam-bam)


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