Mid 80’s Hip Hop Mix ★ The Drum Machine Jamz

Heavy drums / raw scratchin / tough rhymes /


Cold Crush Brothers – Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold
Grandmaster Flash – Girls love the way he spins
World Class Wreckin Cru – World Class (remix)
Mixmaster Gee – The Manipulator
Mantronix – Fresh is the Word (dub)
Ice – T – Ya don’t Quit (acca)
U.T.F.O. – Leader of the pack
Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast
T La Rock – Back to Burn (dub)
Choice M.C.s – Beat of the Street
Fresh 3 M.C.s – F.R.E.S.H.
Pumpkin – King of The Beat
Tackhead feat. DJ Cheese – Is There a Way Out
Marley Marl – The Man Marley Marl
Marley Marl feat. M.C. Shan – Marley Marl Scratch
Captain Rock – Bongo Beats
Jazzy Jay – Def Jam
T La Rock – Breakin Bells
Mantronix – Bassline
Worse ’em – Triple M Bass
Original Concept – Pump That Bass
Davy D – Have You Seen Davy?
Run DMC – Daryll And Joe
Tricky Tee – Leave It To The Drums
Divine Sounds – Do Or Die Bed Sty
UTFO – Split Personality remix
Whistle – Buggin much hard
Real Roxanne & Howie Tee – Romeo



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